Work Package Information

WP 1:
Virtual Workspace infrastructure
WP 2:
Statistical shape and intensity modelling of anatomical structures
WP 3:
3D geometry reconstruction from 2D image(s) using statistical shape and intensity models
WP 4:
Automated finite element meshing of the joint structures
WP 5:
Rapid finite element solver
WP 6:
Musculoskeletal modelling
WP 7:
Refinement of musculoskeletal models from simple clinical functional tests
WP 8:
Retrospective MXL study & validation
WP 9:
Prospective MXL study & validation
WP 10:
Surgical Planning (SP), Surgeon Training (ST), and Patient Recruitment (PR) tool
WP 11:
Dissemination and Exploitation
WP 12:
Project Management




The MXL project has been partially funded by

European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)



Prof. Markus Heller

Bioengineering Sciences Research Group

School of Engineering Sciences

University of Southampton

Highfield, Southampton

United Kingdom

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